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El negociador efectivo

The effective negotiator. Persuasive communication with mindfulness techniques

This manual focuses on how negotiators should feel, act, and relate. What your attitude and emotional state should be to correctly apply the negotiation methodology and close the best deals. It is a text with a rigorous and intuitive structure to facilitate the understanding of the different elements (the pieces of the puzzle) that make up our presence or identity before others.


For this reason, each chapter of this book is dedicated to one of these elements, to each and every one of the pieces of the puzzle of communication and interpersonal identity in negotiation:


    • The emotions that assail the negotiator in each phase of the process and how to manage them.
    • The non-verbal and paraverbal elements that make up their presence before the other party.
    • The degree of self-assertion that each one shows and the power games that are established between the parties.
    • Persuasion and argumentative resources that help reconcile interests and close agreements.
Negociar para con-seguir

Negociar para Con-Seguir

This text aims to help all those who face the difficult challenge of negotiating in today’s complex world. Our proposal to achieve success in such a difficult task is based on making the negotiation a rigorous process, in which detailed preparation, creativity and proactive dialogue replace the closed positions of self-defence and confrontation between the parties.

Sistemas de solución extrajurisdiccional de conflictos

Sistemas de solución extrajurisdiccional de conflictos

This work includes a rigorous analysis of the various extrajudicial conflict resolution systems -also called ADR-. They are: negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

It is about motivating and making the reader, in general, and the jurist, in particular, aware of the need to have these systems that have clear advantages over the judicial solution due to their lower cost and duration and their greater flexibility to the specific case.

Negociar para con-vencer

Negociar para CON-Vencer

In November 2004, the CNM published the manual “Negociar para CON-Vencer”. It is a manual that consistently integrates high conceptual rigour with practical development, as elements that help achieve successful negotiation and maintaining a good relationship between people. For the first time, in Spain, we are offered a method that allows us to tackle each of our negotiations in a rational way.

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El negociador efectivo

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El negociador efectivo

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